About Joe Hickey

Joe Hickey is a gambling and gaming counsellor accredited by the IAC for over 14 years. He has provided 11½ years of counselling services in Aiseiri Addiction Treatment Centre and is currently amid his 31st year of personal recovery from a gambling and gaming addiction.

Through his own personal and professional experience Joe has established a safe and trustworthy environment and established a system for creating a unique programme for each client without the conventional cost set by treatment centres, which frequently ascend to a figure in the thousands. 

This programme does not fall under the hours of 9am – 5pm. The times are dictated by each client to suit their schedule. Each programme is uniquely crafted to suit each individual and assistance does not end after the 10-week programme is completed. Ongoing support is provided to reinforce harm reduction and the total abstinence model that Joe has constructed. 

Gambling and gaming can be a significant part of your schedule, and there will be a void remaining once you venture into this new period of your life. Through the 10-week programme paired with ongoing support, both you and Joe will conjure the best solution for this void, together. 

The Vision

The structure of a treatment centre and the environment it presents can often be overwhelming, manipulating, and controlling. Individual circumstance and mindset are not considered. A one-fits-all approach is often the recipe for recovery that one is presented with in such an environment.You are given a fixed set of questions, and then you are presented with your “diagnosis”.

Joe draws from his own past to ensure that each client receives a unique and tailor-made programme to achieve maximum harm reduction and total abstinence.

Through identifying habits associated with gaming and gambling, the unique programme and individual sessions developed for each client will assist in the understanding of personal perspective toward your own habits and actions.

Individual Counselling Session

A one-on-one addiction counselling session with Joe. 

10-week programme

A 10-week programme crafted specifically for you to suit your unique needs for the journey ahead.  

Group Presentation

Group presentations on addiction for societies, clubs, sports teams, social gatherings, and more. 

Client Testimonials

I contacted Joe at the start of the year for a number of reasons. I am a compulsive gambler and even though I am attending weekly meetings and went through treatment, I was struggling with things in my life and felt I needed something extra through counselling […]


I am an alcoholic. I hit my rock bottom last Christmas which resulted in time in prison. 

With a family to support, I decided to see a counsellor to help with my addiction. After meeting with three different counsellors, I was left deflated and disappointed. I was unable to connect with them as it felt like they were reading from a book when speaking; almost robotic […]


I am a recovering addict with alcohol, drugs, and gambling. I have been seeing Joe for the last four months, and counting. Joe has been helping me in moving forward with dealing with all the past guilt, shame, anger, and low self-esteem […]